Y. Goodman, P. Martens, A. Flurkey

The Essential RMA is used by teachers, students and researchers for a variety of purposes.  This volume demonstrates how we conduct RMA strategy lessons, conversations and engagements with a wide range of age groups by focusing on RMA's procedures and its role in supporting the development of proficient reading among children and adults.  We start with miscue analysis and encourage teachers to learn miscue analysis as they get started with RMA.  The RMA procedures includes ways to engage readers in self reflection about their own reading so they come to value their strengths as readers and language users as they construct meaning in  the texts they read. 

The RMA is a flexibile tool. RMA is conducted in face-to-face reading conferences or tutoring sessions; in concurrent small group student or teacher led collaborative disccussions such as guided reading lessons; or with the entire class as part of a language study curriculum. The miscue analysis procedures focus on collecting and analyzing oral reading while the RMA procedures include detailed instructions on how to engage readers in discovering and talking about their own strengths as they listen to their reading. 

Please visit the RMA website that provides more indepth knowledge about miscue analysis and RMA.  There are links to forms, lists of questions to deepen conversations, references to books and articles and links to recordings of readers. .