Edited by Ken Goodman, Yetta Goodman, Patrick Shannon, and Roger Rapoport

A stealth campaign to privatize American education, George Bush's "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) threatens to close more than 6,000 public schools, pushing dedicated teachers and disadvantaged children out of our neighborhood schools.

In Saving Our Schools, leading educators and researchers show how NCLB shifts control of every aspect of American public education to a faceless Washington bureaucracy while marginalizing successful methods, materials, teacher education, staff development programs, and curriculum.

Saving Our Schools investigates the devastating results of forcing financially strapped schools to squander meager resources on high stakes standardized tests. It reveals how the government blacklists successful professors, institutions, methods, and materials that deviate from the NCLB party line. It exposes George Bush's top education advisors who call National Education Association members "terrorists" and would like to "blow up" teachers' colleges.

A citizens' call to unite in defense of public education, Saving Our Schools urges every American parent and teacher to take action now - before time runs out.